9 Hilarious Diamond Painting ‘Helpers’

9 Hilarious Diamond Painting ‘Aides’

At the point when you get comfortable with a decent Diamond Painting Kit, it’s consistently ideal to have a fuzzy companion close by to stay with you!

With regards to aiding you however, let’s be honest – they’re not extremely valuable. More often than not they simply stay there, and in a most dire outcome imaginable, they’re strolling their textured butt across your material!

Diamond Painting for Kids - Big Gem – Faber-Castell USA

Whatever the case, we love them and we wouldn’t have it some other way. Here are some diverting snapshots of Diamond Painting “assistants” from the fine people in the Paint With Diamonds Support Group.

9. This Sneaky Little Kitty

There’s an explanation they say “snooping around can lead to unexpected trouble!” Liana Camara’s cat unquestionably needs to understand what Diamond Painting is. Possibly she can do a self-representation!

8. This Dog With A Dirty Mouth

I don’t think about you, however I discover drill in LOTS of spots they don’t have a place! That static stick is a two sided deal. Particularly with regards to our fuzzy companions, similar to Cindy Stein’s puppy. In any event he was attempting to help! Child wipes will clear that right up.

7. This Needy Village Dog

“Jessie used to wander the roads of Azerbaijan. Presently painting diamond she gazes at me while I’m Diamond Painting sitting tight for rubs” says Cheryl Hope. What a stunning looking canine, Cheryl! Try to give her bunches of rubs for our benefit.

6. This Puppy Seeking Shelter

Pause for a minute to see the value in Jenna Eatherton’s little dog under a “precious stone cover” since it might simply be the cutest thing you’ll see throughout the day.

5. This Cat With Similar Ideas

Shannon Setzer’s little assistant got himself a little niche under her most recent Diamond Painting Kit. On the off chance that our guidelines weren’t clear, if it’s not too much trouble, eliminate all felines from under your material before precious stone artistic creation!

4. This Kitty Without Boundaries

“On the off chance that it fits, I sits.” Kittens know no limits. Most likely Sherrie Roach’s hide infant is appreciate the glow radiating from her Ultra-Thin Light Pad. Far superior to my PC console when I’m attempting to work! Simply ensure she skedaddles once you put the material on.

3. This Mesmerized Kitty

It would appear that Pamela Hutchinson’s kitty King Tut is totally hypnotized by our Unicorn Twist Diamond Pen. I don’t fault him, these pens are a joy.

2. This Painting Parakeet

“Around evening time’s assistant.. he’s not truly adept at arranging!” says Cindy Presley‎. Possibly on the grounds that he doesn’t have any opposable thumbs! Yet, it would appear that he’s difficult his closest to perfect, so A for exertion.

1. This Helpful Hedgehog

Jewel Painting Hedgehog

“My little partner emerged from her nestle sack to help me!! Simply joking… she’s asking why I’m not doing one with her face 😂” says Alexis Marie Moro. She can hang tight for the nestles, Alexis! For the present she’s simply entranced by the radiance.