Why Yoga Has Become So Popular All around the World?

Yoga is not merely an exercise. It’s all about meditation and self-therapy for betterment. Before anything else, knowing yourself and introspecting to understand yourself play major roles to keep yourself well. Yoga is a channel that lets you get connected to the supreme self-heading towards oneness. Once you start realizing the truth about yourself, you will realize the truth of the world. Yoga focuses on the same. It is a language that communicates to you all about you: it could be your present, your betterment or your reality.

Yoga has not just got popularity but also spiritual and cultural importance. “I do yoga everyday” – this is one of the most common phrases that we hear nowadays. So now, it has become a trend in fashion too. Why do majority of people prefer yoga to all the health aids available in the world? The answer is that this practice is another face of meditation. It is the best tool to control your mind, which is very subtle and unstable. It literally starts diving across the oceans of thoughts instantaneously.

It all starts from body: the best ever pill to nurture your mind is to nurture your body and hence, simple yoga goes towards your body before conquering mind. It is a brilliant stress reliever. Stress is common among all age groups, professionals, castes, nationalities and genders, which is one of the reasons why yoga is gaining a lot of popularity.

Yoga is an experience and not just physical efforts for fitness. A simple deep inhalation and exhalation is in itself a feeling of refreshment that this practice gives you. Well, for all the beginners out there, here is a guide with some yoga exercises for you to start with.

  • Tadasana / Mountain Pose

This pose gives you a clear understanding of body balance and firm stature. Stand on both your heels with hands on your sides. Focus on your breathing while you raise and stretch your arms.

  • Vrikshasana / Tree Pose

Keeping your spine straight, bring one of your feet and fix it on the opposite thigh. Inhale while you raise both hands and join them. Breathe easy and then exhale while you bring down your hands and release your leg.

  • Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose

While sleeping on your stomach, breathe a couple of times. Inhale while you lift your waist and raise your head. Exhale while returning to relaxation position.   

Go ahead and try out this beginners therapy to attain the bliss of everlasting peace.              

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