Travel to Vietnam: A Haven Hardwired for Nature Lovers

When it comes to traveling to places that have a lot of natural attractions, there are very few places in the world that are worth your time and money. Vietnam is one such great place to visit. The cultural, natural, and historical aspects of Vietnam are quite fascinating. Its natural features can’t be overlooked at all. While the capital city Hanoi Vietnam is known for its amazing architecture and culture, this South Asian country also has a lot to offer for nature lovers.

We can rightly say that this country is a haven hardwired for nature lovers. Plan your trip for at least a week and book vacation rentals or resorts for accommodation so that you can explore the country leisurely – the trip would be completely worthy. If you are a nature lover planning to travel to Vietnam, here are some natural attractions that can appeal to you.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay will unfurl an unending magic in your itinerary. It is the most popular fascination of Vietnam. Its breathtaking sight of 1600 islands automatically pulls the nature lovers towards it. Every corner and nook is beautiful. You can enjoy every part of it by sailing in a junk boat. This breathtaking place has been recognized as a World Heritage Site. After reaching the place, your first step should be to step into a cruise, which is available in abundance. Roaming in cruise is the best way of getting a close-up view of the arches, amazing caves, limestone cliffs, limestone islands, and emerald green waters.  

Phong Nha Cave

‘Cave of Teeth’, popularly known as Phong Nha Cave, is the perfect example of this awe-inspiring wonder of nature. Hanging down from the roof, this cave completely justifies its name. The extraordinary impression of the cave can be experienced via boat, which allows you to sail up to the cave’s first kilometer – this is enough to get a complete impression. The National Park, Phong Nha-Ke Bang is also a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. The caves are a part of this park, which encircles forests and karst landscapes.

Con Dao Islands

Con Dao Islands offers a wonderful chance to explore the real delight of forest areas, coral reefs, and outstanding beaches. You can enjoy the natural beauty over vibrant corals by going for snorkeling. You can find various colorful fishes around there. The best thing over there is the turtle nesting site, where you can see the turtle species, their eggs, and baby turtles coming out of nests hopefully in the months from June to September.


The highest peak of Vietnam, Sapa is again a natural wonder that you can’t afford to miss if you are a nature freak. You can reach here easily without facing any hurdle. Your trip is just incomplete without watching the magnificent view of purple mountains. Its deep valley is a slice of paradise from heaven. This highest point is worth visiting.  

Explore the glory of Vietnam by visiting these wonders. You will certainly fall in love with these natural wonders of this Southeast Asian country.

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